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Rules and Regulations
I. All exhibitors must complete and submit an application along with payment for space rental to

Hinson's Auction House. Hinson's Auction has sole discretion in approving or denying an application for

spaces. If space rental is denied you will be refunded your rent payment.

2. Hinson's Auction will assign spaces. You may indicate your request for a particular space on the

bottom of our application, however we do not guarantee a particular location.

3. Hinson's Auction reserves the right to I) demand removal by exhibitor of any items which are not in

keeping with the show's image 2) Terminate the rental of any space of anyone whose actions or goods

offered for sale are in violation of the rules, theme, or standards of the show. Upon receiving such

notice of termination, the exhibitor and their personnel agree to remove their goods, in a peaceful

manner, without incident, from the show site, with forfeiture of their space and any rental fee.

4. No crafts or household goods are permitted at any time. Items such as firearms, ammunition,

explosives, drug related items, pornographic material, animals, or other items deemed not suitable for

the show may not be sold or given away. All merchandise is absolutely restricted to Antiques, Antique

Reproduction, and Collectibles only. All exhibitors must have their reproductions clearly tagged or

marked as an antique reproduction. Any dealer that knowingly tries to deceive customers by selling

reproduction pieces, as an antique will have his spaces terminated without any refund of rental fee's.

5. No alcoholic beverages or other controlled substances are allowed oil the show site.

6. No pets are allowed on the site during the show.

7. During the show you may stay on the show site overnight at no charge. If you rent a 20' x 25' space,

you may at your option, keep your vehicle in the space during the show. If you rent a smaller space, you

must use the exhibitor’s parking lot after unloading your merchandise at your rental space. All aisles

must be kept clear at all times. Tent stakes and vehicles must be kept within exhibitor’s rental space at

all times.

8. Exhibitors are required to keep their rental space clean at all times. All rental spaces must be left in a

clean and orderly condition when the exhibitor leaves the site.

9. The show will continue regardless of weather conditions. No refunds shall be issued except in the

case of a family emergency. If for any reason you are not to arrive at the designated set up time on

Thursday 8AM to 5PM, you must let us know or we will assume you are not coming and your space may

be rented to another exhibitor on a first come, first serve basis. You may buy and sell on set up day.

Please open by 8AM and remain open until6PM both Friday and Saturday and 8AM to 4PM on Sunday.

10. All State and Federal tax requirements are the obligation of the exhibitor. Law requires a North

Carolina sales tax number unless you are legally exempt.

11. Your rental space may not be sublet without the prior approval of Hinson 's Auction. Exhibitor

badges will be distributed when you arrive. Print your name on your badge and wear it all times during

setup and at all times during show hours by the exhibitor and the exhibitor's employees on No One


12. Hinson's Auction House, it's officers, agents, employees, and owners of the land upon which the

show is held shall not be liable for property damage or personal injury to exhibitors, their employees,

officers, or agents, which may occur on or about the show site, regardless of how much damage or

injury occurs. The exhibitor waives any claim against the above mentioned, and assumes all liability for

injuries, losses or damages occurring on the show site and shall indemnify same against all liabilities or

expenses resulting from any claim of injury or damage to exhibitors property or the exhibitor, their

agents, employees or family members, said injury or damage to include but not limited to attorney fees.

13. Each exhibitor or agent, employee, or family member shall be required to treat everyone with

respect, with no act of assault, battery or harassment upon another on the site, anyone found stealing,

defacing or damaging any property of another, including show related property will be prosecuted to the

full extent of the law and will be required to leave the site immediately.

14. The exhibitor acknowledges that Hinson's Auction may provide watchmen, security personnel, and

porters for the safety, security, and transportation of the exhibitors property, but in no event shall

Hinson's Auction or it's officers, agents, or employees, be liable or responsible for willful or negligent

acts on the part of any such watchmen, security personnel, or porter, as all . Such persons are

employed strictly as independent contractors and not as the agents or employees of the organizer.

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